Nutrition and Your Health

Nutrition and Your Health

It’s no secret, nutrition and proper eating is essential to maintaining optimal health. You’ve probably heard, “You are what you eat,” and it’s very true! As a certified clinical nutritionist, Dr. Jeffrey Hudson can help evaluate your current lifestyle and eating habits and make recommendations so that you function at your best. It all begins with a personal health analysis.

Personal Health Analysis

A personal health analysis performed by a Science Based Nutrition trained health professional gives you a starting point to determine the causes of any pain and health issues you may be experiencing. In addition, many problems can be identified in the blood long before they manifest themselves elsewhere in your body. This includes serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, liver, heart and other diseases.

With the information provided by a personal health analysis, you’ll be armed to make informed and educated decisions regarding your health and treatment plans. Through an assessment and physical tests (such as blood, hair and urine tests), Dr. Hudson can make specific recommendations for diet and supplements based on the test findings, your age, sex and weight. Dr. Hudson will also take into consideration any medications you’re actively taking, and can administer additional testing if warranted for more information. Such testing may include hormonal analysis, adrenal analysis, acid profiles, food and chemical sensitivity and allergies, and heavy metal and mineral imbalances.

Through the findings report, Dr. Hudson can make individualized, drug-free recommendations to promote your optimum health.

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